Pauline Chan

Business Director for China and Asia Pacific
Pauline Chan is the Founder and Director of the Sydney-based screen and media company Darkroom Films (established 2000), which has done visionary work combining successful business and artistic joint ventures as well as pioneering Australian media productions with Chinese and Asian Pacific investors and production companies. She served eight years (2001-09) as Senior Producer in charge of New Business Development and Production Supervision for Salon Films Group in Hong Kong and is a Co-founder of Powerpool Investment Company in Hong Kong that specializes in financing company mergers in China and Hong Kong. Pauline is also a sought after consultant for the China and Asia Pacific region by Australian government organizations as well as international private companies for new business development and joint ventures in China and Hong Kong. In 2015, she co-founded media IP incubator Beijing Cheetah Yassa Culture, a media company that has successfully secured Chinese funding for development and production of eight media productions to date. Overall, Pauline has been responsible for IP development and financing of approximately US$260 million over the past 17 years, including investment of US $30 million from China and Asia for five Australian and American joint ventures.

Pauline joined Pallas in 2015.