Dr. Paul Gray Stokes, Ph.D.

Co-founder and Chief Learning Officer

Paul holds a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Sydney, and has a decade of teaching science at one of the top public schools in Australia. He also has nearly two decades in a a range of industry positions with top Australian and international companies. Paul brings deep experience about teaching and learning science as well as the real world in which knowledge is used.

As a teacher, Paul is passionate about making difficult scientific ideas interesting and understandable. He has been using computer models and simulations, including several he developed himself, in his teaching for many years. Paul has also developed a highly regarded innovative curriculum about climate systems that exposes the students to both advanced scientific ideas as well as provides students with an opportunity to link science to their everyday lives and to societal issues more broadly.

In addition, Paul contributes to the senior Pallas leadership team based on his considerable business and industry experience, which includes Management Consultant for McKinsey, Business Development Manager for General Electric (USA and International), and Project Manager for Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

Paul joined Pallas in 2015.