Pallas at ASU GSV Summit


EdTech for Learning Science by Doing 21st Century Science
Australian EdTech startup brings advanced systems for learning STEM to US

San Diego, California – April 2016

Sydney based Pallas Advanced Learning Systems announced at the ASU GSV Summit that it is bringing edtech systems based on cognitive science and artificial intelligence research to the US in August 2016.

The key problem Pallas addresses is the compelling need for schools to teach science and related subjects at much deeper levels given 75% of the fastest-growing occupations will require knowledge of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Pallas solves this problem by providing virtual science kits based on cogsci/AI research that use 3D and 2D virtual reality and visualization systems to enable advanced learning systems for STEM. Pallas products also make teaching difficult science concepts easier by providing innovative inquiry learning activities and teaching methods that are carefully aligned to state and national science standards. Chief Learning Officer, Dr. Paul Stokes, comments that the Pallas kits make teaching science easier than regular teaching, and that students genuinely enjoy learning science this way. As one student commented: “This is a great way to learn science. It really, really is.”

To learn more about the Pallas or to book an interview, email CEO Prof. Michael J. Jacobson at or visit the website at