Pallas provides innovative learning and teaching products and services, To help you “experience” Pallas approaches for teaching and learning, on this page we provide short videos so you can see students learning differently, and how teachers can more easily and effectively teach important scientific knowledge and skills. You also can learn about some of the research at the University of Sydney that Pallas products are based on.





Our Products


Using 3D game-like systems and 2D computer models, Pallas Virtual Learning Kits provide engaging and powerful experiences for students to deeply learn important scientific knowledge and skills. Pallas products also support teachers in using research-based and highly effective instructional approaches.

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Saving the Omosans Virtual Learning Kit

Exploring an island on fantasy planet Omosa — a 3D intelligent virtual reality world—where students are scientists with the Interplanetary Environmental Investigation Agency (IEIA). They are sent to help the Omosans understand why the animals they hunt are dying out. Students collect data like real biologists, run computer experiments to make their own discoveries, and then to report...

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How Slow Does Your Electron Go Virtual Learning Kit

Students are physicists who study the subatomic world of electrons using advanced computer visualizations and run computer experiments to understand what electrons actually do in wires. What they discover is surprising! Technology: 2D computer models and visualizations Strands: Physical World Stage 4 and Stage 5 Working Scientifically: Problem Solving

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The Fall of Newton’s Apple Virtual Learning Kit

Newton actually did get the notion of gravitation from the fall of an apple. Students can now discover for themselves many of Newton’s physics ideas about gravitation by using Pallas developed advanced computer models and visualizations. Technology: 2D computer models and visualizations Strands: Physical World Stage 4 and Stage 5 Working Scientifically: Problem Solving

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What you get with each Pallas Virtual Science Kit

3D Virtual Worlds or 2D Computer Models

  • Interactive and engaging computer apps that students enjoy learning with
  • 3D Virtual Worlds provide students with activities “virtually similar” to the real world or impossible to directly experience, all in the safety of the regular classroom
  • 2D computer models are scientifically accurate and similar to systems real scientists use
  • Enable computational scientific inquiry and problem solving activities so students learn important content while also thinking scientifically

Teacher Training Videos

  • Pallas has developed an interactive approach for teachers to use videos to learn about innovative instructional approaches for the 3D and 2D virtual learning kits
  • Videos may be used individually or in a group of teachers during a professional development session
  • Information is provided on:
    • recommended instructional approaches
      how to use the computer systems
    • how to solve the challenge problems the students work on

    *Currently available for Saving the Omosans and The Fall of Newton’s Apple

Detailed Teacher’s Guides

  • Explanations about suggested innovative teaching approaches for the targeted content and scientific skills
  • Specific information about how the challenge problems and activities the students engage with using the 3D and 2D computer apps relate to the content and skills in the syllabus
  • Screen shots of the Student Guidebooks so teacher knows exactly what the students are doing
  • Tips for using the software

Student Guidebooks

  • Instructions for using Pallas software
  • Challenge problems for problem-based and inquiry learning activities are provided
  • Scaffolds as necessary for different challenges

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